Turkey Youth Union Association

Turkey Youth Union Association was founded in 1997 and is currently based in Ankara. Our main aims are; young people’s active participation into the management in the educational institutions and the occupation branches they work in; their being able to develop their creative skills; being respectful to the human rights and having democratic values, behaviours and actions, developing the organizational awareness. And one of the major aims of our organization is finding solutions for difficulties and problems that the youth encounter, supporting their individual and social development. Precisely, we are a youth NGO working for the cultural and social development and participation of children and young people including the ones having fewer opportunities, specifically young people with disabilities, with having the aim to promote peace, solidarity and mutual understanding among people from different cultures. We have been working with/for deaf young people since 2008 and most of our members can use Turkish sign language.

Since 1997 we have been working with young people from different backgrounds and implementing local, national and international projects projects for/with them. We have been organizing many projects and capacity building activities such as workshops, round table meetings, panels, seminars and training courses, art exhibitions, creative drama workshops, to support development of youth and youth NGO’s. We are an active member organisation of a national platform in Turkey which is called Prevention of Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities Platform and having 42 human rights based working member associations.

For 5 years we have been cooperating with many of these organizations from all around Turkey.We are mainly responsible of monitoring discrimination that young people with disabilities encounter especially with regards to the access to higher education, inaccessibility of universities and the limited youth participation in social life. We are also an active member of “Monitoring Group for Disability Rights” which is an ongoing long term project of an İstanbul based CSO, TOHAD which is one of our co-applicants, by the financial support of Sabancı Foundation.



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